Former world surf champion, Felipe Pomar, landed on Nembrala beach over 24 years ago. Today surfing at Nembrala remains the islands main draw and international surfers descend to hit the white water and conquer some mammoth waves. This combination of subtropical topography, tropical waters and unique culture make a surf trip to Rote unlike that of any other in Indonesia.

“This area of Indonesia is a surf mecca not to be missed with its crystal clear waters and alluring beauty of its tiny uninhabited islands”


There are about 10 waves at Nembrala’s T-Land – lefts and rights to suit all levels of surfing from beginners to intermediates. Swells range between 4-8ft faces rising to over 15ft on occasions. The trade winds are very consistent, making every day an offshore surfer’s paradise.

Many of the best surfing spots can be reached by road, including Boa Beach. Villa Oenggaut has two 4WD vehicles available with drivers/guides and surf board racks. Alternatively, the guides will take you out by boat and wait for you at the back of the swell. Several other breaks including the long, steep, fast right off Do’o Island and some snappy rights off N’Dau Island are only a short boat ride away.

Nembrala sea temperatures peak in the range of 28 to 31°C (84 to 88°F) in the middle of November and are at their lowest at the beginning of August, in the range of 26 to 28°C (79 to 82°F). Year round warm sea temperatures at Nembrala mean that a rash vest and board shorts should be fine for surfing at any time.

“This area of Indonesia is a surf mecca not to be missed with its crystal clear waters and alluring beauty of its tiny uninhabited islands”


Vidya has curated the perfect surf retreat with mix of activities including fishing, sailing, snorkelling, yoga, scooter exploring all with a delicious organic planned menu to keep you fuelled and nourished. The perfect retreat for couples, friends or individuals alike. Check out dates here and let us do all the planning


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“This area of Indonesia is a surf mecca not to be missed with its crystal clear waters and alluring beauty of its tiny uninhabited islands”


The local break, and one of the longest and most consistent waves in Indonesia. T-Land, named after Java’s G-Land, however much more accessible. The long left-handed reef break works mostly with offshore winds in the main season and gives a good swell at all tides. The break has four sections. The sections vary in difficulty and are suitable for intermediate to advanced surfers. There is room for all out there due to the long ride and paddle!

The Bommie

The Bommie is a section of reef on the north side, a more advanced wave. The Bommie breaks to the left and right, however the right is more organised which ends in a deep water channel. This wave needs a bigger swell and has a strong current at times. Lower the tide – better the wave.


Rote’s beginner wave, the name comes from the many squeals from and laughter from beginners on their very first wave. Squealers usually works at low tide, or during a big swell at high tide. It has a left and right-hand section.

Sucky Mamas

Sucky Mamas, with its local name ‘Sukanamon’, is a 10 minute boat ride north of Nembrala. It is a more advanced hollow right-hand wave, which works well during lower tides. On a higher tide it can be a fatter, steep wave. Suckies is a shorter wave, approximately 50 yards and best at mid tide.


Boa is a picturesque village about 15 minutes from Nembrala. You can travel there by boat, scooter or our jeep. This heavier more advanced right-hand wave is a perfect tube when its on, the wave starts with a steep hollow top section and opens up to a thick wall. The best time to experience this is during the shoulder seasons when the winds blow onshore in Nembrala but offshore in Boa. Mid to the high tide’s the time to ride! Rote is a surfer’s dream with so many hidden gems to explore! On the island and the islands close by.


Nembralanow is happy to organise all your travel arrangements from Bali all the way to the villa and back to Bali.

If you wish to organise your own travel, Garuda and Lion air have 2 flights a day leaving and returning from Bali to Kupang, flight taking 1 hour 45 minutes. Lion air has 2 flights a day from Kupang to Rote return, taking 20 minutes. Flights are expected from Darwin to Kupang direct soon.

Once you arrive on the Island you will be greeted by one of our staff who will transport you and your luggage including your boards, straight to the villa. This is a beautiful scenic drive through the island with small villages and beautiful beaches. A representative from Villa Oenggaut will arrange all your travel to the villa.