Rote organizes Kayak tours in secluded areas around Rote. There are a number of different tours depending on season, tides, weather and participant ability. Most of the tours include paddling through mangrove forests, inland fiords and white sandy beaches.

Michele Fiorentino brings you an extreme tour including small island hopping, North Rote excursions, night camping. Fishing and snorkelling are also available on request.

All trips are scheduled and planned according to the weather, tidal and guest experience level. We run tours with minimum of 2 guests up to 5.


Nembralanow is happy to organise all your travel arrangements from Bali all the way to the villa and back to Bali.

If you wish to organise your own travel, Garuda and Lion air have 2 flights a day leaving and returning from Bali to Kupang, flight taking 1 hour 45 minutes. Lion air has 2 flights a day from Kupang to Rote return, taking 20 minutes. Flights are expected from Darwin to Kupang direct soon.

Once you arrive on the Island you will be greeted by one of our staff who will transport you and your luggage including your boards, straight to the villa. This is a beautiful scenic drive through the island with small villages and beautiful beaches. A representative from Villa Oenggaut will arrange all your travel to the villa.