Our in-house chefs provide you with the freshest island produce. Its important to us we grow as much as we can on site and shop local from the weekly markets. We eat according to our climate and what grows on the land. We love the island and know you will too, get amongst the locals and attend a market with us to collect our own vegetables.

Eating begins from the moment you lay eyes on your meal. Presentation to excite. Food to nourish. We are dedicated to providing you with a menu to keep you satisfied and fuelled all day long. Using whole organic foods, a fusion of local Timor feasts, Indonesian and Javanese favourites and Western nourishment. All our meals are made firstly with love. Wellness comes from within, a healthy gut and good digestion are paramount to success. Being kind to our bellies keeping it simple to allow the enzymes to do their job in a relaxed environment is key. Rest and digest!

At Villa Oenggaut you will appreciate :

  • Mornings begin with hydrating coconuts and fresh juices
  • Breakfast feasts to begin the day
  • Delicious Lunches
  • Delectable Dinners
  • Snacks to fuel and satisfy
  • Beneficial teas throughout the day and before you hit the hay

We serve an abundance of locally grown organic fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh caught fish and free range chickens and a selection of babi, beef and lamb, living from the land. Its healthy, delectable and absolutely nourishing. It will leave you feeling satisfied and energised.


Nembralanow is happy to organise all your travel arrangements from Bali all the way to the villa and back to Bali.

If you wish to organise your own travel, Garuda and Lion air have 2 flights a day leaving and returning from Bali to Kupang, flight taking 1 hour 45 minutes. Lion air has 2 flights a day from Kupang to Rote return, taking 20 minutes. Flights are expected from Darwin to Kupang direct soon.

Once you arrive on the Island you will be greeted by one of our staff who will transport you and your luggage including your boards, straight to the villa. This is a beautiful scenic drive through the island with small villages and beautiful beaches. A representative from Villa Oenggaut will arrange all your travel to the villa.